Triveni Ghat

Situated at the confluence of three sacred rivers, the Ganga, the Yamuna and the Saraswati (that legends say once flowed here), Triveni Ghat is the most popular bathing ghat in Rishikesh. Before visiting the various temples, most pilgrims take a holy dip here. At dawn, the ghat is bustling with devotees offering prayers and bathing in the river, which according to Hindu mythology, washes away the sins of a person.

Evenings are stunning, with the spectacular arti (a ritual in which lamps are lit and prayers are offered to the river) called the ‘Maha arti’ being carried out at the ghat. This is accompanied by prayers and chantings. A multitude of lamps floating in the river during the arti present a spectacular view, leaving one in awe of the time-honoured traditions. There is a popular legend attached to Triveni Ghat and it is said that Lord Krishna visited this spot when he was hurt by an arrow shot by a hunter.
On either side of Triveni Ghat, popular temples of Gita Mandir and Lakshminarayan are situated. Ceremonies of ‘Pinda Shraddha’ done for ancestors are also carried out here.

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